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 Our surrogates provide a life changing gift for parents who turn to surrogacy to add to their families and in the process they share in an incredible and rewarding experience: helping someone else while also benefiting their own family. 

Surrogate Application


Our benefits Include:

· Excellent compensation packages (or you can also request your own)        

· Active participation in selecting who you will work with

· A dedicated surrogate coordinator                                                              

· ART experienced legal representation

· Privacy and respect                                                                                      

· Hands on support services· Hands on support services

· Health and life insurance (if needed)                                                            

· Additional bonuses and benefits

Tiny Sprouts knows how valuable our surrogates are so they receive one of the highest compensation packages in the industry as well as an extensive support system thoughout their journey and well beyond. During the application process you will be matched with a surrogate coordinator who will be with throughout your journey. We want this experience to change lives; yours and your intended parents, our goal is to make your experience memorable and enjoyable!


Compensation for surrogates in California begins at $35,000, outside of California compensation begins at $27,000 in addition to special fees and allowances during the pregnancy including health insurance and life insurance. Experienced surrogates will receive additional compensation. If you prefer you can also request your own benefits package. 

Sample Benefits and Compensation

First Time Surrogates -  $35,000 +         Experienced Surrogates -  $38,000 +

Allowance $200 - 300 per month

Transfer Fee - $1,000-1,500

Maternity Clothing Allowance - $750 singleton $1,000 multiples

Medical and Life Insurance (if needed)

Lost wages for surrogate and/or spouse  – ACTUAL COST

Multiples Fee $5,000

Childcare – (transfer, hearings & birth, additional costs may be incurred if you are on bed rest) – $100-150 per day

House keeping $50 per week from 34 weeks

Mileage - for trips over 100 miles

Travel & Lodging ( for surrogate and companion for screening, transfer and hearing)


MEDICAL PROCEDURE FEES (these are on a case-by-case basis)

· C-section $4,000                                                  · Mock Cycle $500

· Mock Cycle $500                                                  · Dropped Cycle $500

· CVS $750                                                               · Amniocentesis $750

· Selective Reduction $1,000                                · Termination $1,000

· Miscarriage $500                                                 · D&C $500

· D&E $750                                                              · Loss of Uterus $5,000

· Loss of Tubes $1,500 (each)


Optional Benefits and Compensation

Doula - (optional)

Nutritional Counseling (optional)

Breast Milk Pumping - $250 per week + cost of shipping and rental

Requirements To Become A Surrogate

· Be between the ages of 21-39 (42 if you have been a surrogate in the past)

· Be a U.S. citizen or have a valid work permit

· Have no major complications during previous pregnancies or deliveries

· Have delivered at least one child of your own that you are actively parenting

· Be a non-smoker & non-drug user with a healthy lifestyle

· Be willing to abstain from drinking alcohol during pregnancy

· Have no felony criminal history

· Live in a surrogacy friendly state

· Be in a stable living situation with dependable transportation

· Have a strong support system

· Have a healthy weight/height ratio (if you are concerned, please contact us, many of our surrogates are not small)


If you meet our pre-admission requirements please fill out our Surrogate Application and a coordinator will contact you to discuss the next steps in our program.