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LGBT Surrogacy & Donor Services

Intended Parents Questionnaire

Thank you for considering Tiny Sprouts on your journey to parenthood. We know that choosing an agency to work with can be tremendously challenging. Tiny Sprouts provides a wide range of surrogacy and fertility services because with surrogacy we know there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. Your Surrogate Coordinator will create a surrogacy plan tailored to your unique needs and let you know what to expect next.

* Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more in depth information.

Our services include:


· Locating and vetting gestational surrogates for potential match

· Introducing intended parents to pre-screened surrogates

· Facilitating medical, psychological and background screening for your surrogate

· Connecting you with our network of respected clinics, doctors and lawyers

· Case Management (if you already have a surrogate or egg donor for a reduced agency fee)

· Simplifying communication between you, your surrogate and industry professionals

· Working with your surrogate to obtain medical insurance

· Assisting with opening outside escrow accounts

· Tracking disbursements and providing expense projections

· Arranging appointments for intended parents and surrogates

· Providing support for everyone involved in the surrogacy process

· Attending appointments whenever possible

· Monitoring your surrogacy journey from start to finish

· Travel arrangements and referrals

· Anything else that arises during your journey to parenthood.

Egg Donation

· Locating and vetting potential egg donors either through our donors or our extended network of agencies

· Arranging for medical and psychological screening of donors

· Referral to legal services

· Travel arrangements for your donor

· Support services for yourself and your donor

· Assistance with outside escrow

· All other necessary services related to your IVF journey

Intended Parent Requirements

We believe everyone deserves to have a family and Tiny Sprouts does not discriminate against any person who wishes to become a parent regardless of gender, finances, color, race, religion, fertility, marital status or sexual orientation. We have only a few requirements:

We ask that you:
· be honest with both us and your surrogate
· be financially stable
· be respectful of your surrogates time and commitment
· have one partner between the ages of 21-60
· be in a stable living situation
· have the support of your spouse or partner (when applicable)
· treat our staff and your surrogate respectfully

Tiny Sprouts Surrogacy, Inc. is a professional, respected agency and we are proud to have successfully helped parents around the world become parents, we look forward to working with you on your journey.

Costs & Fees

No matter what your financial situation your finances should be well spent and secure which is why we provide our clients with the peace of mind of knowing their funds are secure and being used efficiently. We offer our clients multiple escrow options through outside companies (or you can use your own) as well as up-to-date accounting so you always know that your investment is secured. Lastly, we have strong relationships with some of the industries most well-respected and well-known professionals which allows us to connect you with our extensive network while still keeping your costs balanced.

International Surrogacy & Fertility Services

Tiny Sprouts Surrogacy, Inc. is honored to have worked with families from around the world to achieve their dreams of parenthood. Our mission is to provide professional and compassionate environment for you, your family and everyone involved in bring your baby home. Please contact us at intendedparents@tinysproutssurrogacy.com for more information on our international surrogacy and egg donation programs.