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From Egg Donation to Surrogacy

April 17th, 2017

I previously had worked as a retail sales associate and I was talking to a fellow associate who had been researching becoming a surrogate and she has suggested maybe I become a donor or a surrogate. I thought maybe egg donation at first and surrogate later. But at the time I was pregnant with my middle child so I had just kept the idea in the back of my mind. Then a few months after I had delivered my middle child I had found out that I was pregnant again so my thoughts on egg donation would still have to be a distant thought. Then after I had delivered my third child I wasn’t sure if I was done having children so I thought egg donation would be the best option.


When I moved back to southern California I had applied at a few places….then when I applied at Tiny Sprouts Surrogacy I spoke with someone about being an egg donor and we talked for a little bit about my pregnancy history and everything. She had suggested maybe I become a surrogate instead of an egg donor. First I talked it over with my husband, and he said “whatever you decide I will support you”. So I applied and I was accepted. I was seriously the best decision I have ever made.


When I met my intended parent for the first time I was very nervous but I’m sure they were too. I went thru all of my medical screening and all the ultrasounds and labs. Then came my transfer, the doctors office was so calm and mellow. I definitely thought it was going to hurt and I was nervous. But I had 3 pregnancies with no epidural so I figured it cant hurt that bad, right?! Well transfer day came and went, everything went so smoothly (except for the car accident on the way to transfer but that’s another story). It also helped that intended parent were so nice and very caring making sure I had everything I needed. About 7-10 days later (I don’t remember the exact amount of days) I had a positive blood test its was the best feeling in the world knowing that I was about to give my intended parents everything they had hoped for. But then, the ultrasound came, nothing compared to seeing the looks on their faces when they were able to actually see their little one on the screen.


It was smooth sailing thru the whole pregnancy, we had a planned induction date for a Monday morning to make sure they didn’t miss any of the delivery, but everyone knows you cant tell children what to do. “Surro baby” comes when “surro baby” wants, so Saturday night I went into labor between 9-10. I got to the hospital by 12 and “surro baby” came by 12:30. Watching my intended mother and my intended father hold their child was the most exciting feeling in the world.


Hopefully journey #2 coming soon…..


Surrogacy for Kids

February 27th, 2017

As a mother of 3 young children, I have always been the type of mom to inform her kids of things that I feel are important to them and that will affect them in one way or another. I don’t spill all the graphic details of certain things, but I do like for my children to feel involved when they can and when they are able to help me make a decision. When I had decided to become a surrogate I knew that this decision would not be something I can make on my own. I wanted to involve my kids in every step as much as I could to help them understand why I wanted to do this and how they can benefit from being part of this great journey. It wasn’t easy, especially explaining to a 4 year old what I was going to be doing and how it was going to be done. I tried to make it as easy as possible for them to understand and with very little detail as to how it was going to be done. But I am super glad that they are on the same boat as me. They love helping other, just like me, and they seemed more and more interested in learning all things that came with me being a surrogate.


Since my kids are still small, 4 year old, 7 year old and an 8 year old, they still don’t understand the process of having a child or getting pregnant. The best way that worked for my kids to understand how I was going to give someone a baby that they couldn’t have on their own, was simply by explaining how my “tummy” works. My kids love to bake with me. It is something we do almost every weekend as a family thing. When I told my kids that I wanted to help someone have a baby their first question was “Why do they need you to help them?” I made sure to explain this in the easiest form possible without raising more questions, so I simply replied to them, “Well, I have a friend who wants to make cupcakes, but her oven isn’t working, so I am going to lend her my oven so she can bake her cupcakes. Once the cupcakes are ready, I then give them to her and she takes them home.” Of course, my kids wanted to know if they could have some cupcakes when they were ready, but I told them that these where “special cupcakes” and only she can have them but that she would let us see them once they were done. They understood what I meant and they were more than happy to be part of this “cupcake” making process.


I also read them stories that would help them more in the understanding process. A really good book that my kids loved is “The Kangaroo Pouch” by Sarah Phillips Pellet. This story is about how one Kangaroo helped out another Kangaroo have a baby. It also talks about how family life is like during pregnancy and what happens when the baby kangaroo is given back to the Kangaroo parents. Another book I loved is “Sophia’s Broken Crayons” by Crystal Flak. This story is meant for small children and it talks about why someone would choose to be a surrogate. There are other great books out there that you can find through Amazon or at bookstores. There is also many ways one can explain how surrogate works and how their children can understand this process. What were some way

s you explained to your kids about Surrogacy? What worked? What didn’t work? What other books are out there that you would recommend to someone starting this process? Share your thoughts and ideas with us through Twitter @TinySproutSurro and use hashtag #surrogacyforkids to be featured on our Twitter page.


We hope that your journey as a surrogate is enjoyable, not only for you but also your children!

Rosalia T.

Meeting Your Intended Parents

February 12th, 2017

When you are meeting new people, there is always those first time jitters you can get. Meeting new people can be a challenge for some and super easy for others. A million things can be going through your head when you first meet your Intended Parents. You start to think if they are going to like you, if you are going to like them, will you get along, will they be everything you hoped for, or will you be everything they hoped for. It is normal to have these thoughts and concerns.


I know I did when I meet my first Intended Parent. I had spoken with her prior to the first Dr.’s appointment. She seemed super sweet and just ready to start her journey as a mother. As the days got closer together to my first appointment I had a million things running through my head, I was excited, anxious, worried, and happy all at the same time. When the day arrived of my appointment, we decided to meet inside the office and later go out to lunch to eat and get to know each other better. When I first walked in to the Dr.’s office, she was right there, with her big smile. There was something about her that just warmed me up and I went straight to her and hugged her. She was a bit surprised but she hugged me right back. I knew right then and there that no matter the difference we may have, we will make it work. And we were different, she was the opposite of what I was. We ate differently. We lived different lifestyles. But we both had one thing very much in common, she 

wanted a child, and I was able to help her. Even though we did have a lot of differences, but we talked them out and figured out a middle ground in which we can both agree and be happy. My main concern was for her to like me and for her to feel safe with me carrying her child for 9 months. I felt that it was important to have a list of questions and concerns written down for when we first met. I wanted to clear my mind and hers of any issues we both may have.


I believe that it is important to write down questions and ask your Intended Parents any concerns or issues you may have or need clarifying on. There is nothing wrong with wanting to know them more and them wanting to know you more, after all you both will be in each other’s life for quite some time. It’s also a good idea to get those questions out way before you become pregnant. You don’t want to be stressing out while pregnant and dealing with major issues. Remember that there is no such thing as a stupid question and remember that they have never had children so they may not know a lot when it comes to being pregnant so try to be informal and nice about it. The Intended Parents are also going through the same jitters. And they will have their own questions and concerns that they will want to ask. If you are both on the same page, you both should have a smooth journey together. What were some of your main concerns and questions? How did you solved them? And how did you both agree on a happy-medium? Share your thoughts with us through Twitter. Tag us @TinySproutsSurro and hashtag your comments with #firsttime jitters. Your answers can be selected and featured on our Facebook page.

Rosalia T.